Manesh is presently the Artistic Director of Kala Darshan – Institute of Classical music & dance (Est. 1999) focusing on the preservation & advancement of Indian classical music & dance in South Africa. The disciplines taught are Hindustani Vocal, Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium and Kathak. Students follow a syllabus as laid down by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Music) and Nritya Darshan (Kathak). Kala Darshan offers the student of Shastriya Sangeet an experience that opens a path of spirituality and self-realization. It imbibes within its teaching structure a blend of the modern institutional method as well as the ancient Guru- Shishya parampara tradition thereby ensuring the continuation of a great cultural heritage. Discipline, respect and devotion to the classical performing arts are practiced steering the shishya away from the negativity of the material world towards a journey of enlightenment, self-empowerment and ultimately spiritual bliss through the arts. Annual performances are staged where aspiring students are afforded the opportunity to showcase their talents before a live audience. Since its inception, Kala Darshan has trained numerous students who have become artists in their own right & who have established successful institutes of their own. 

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Classes - General


Monday 6-7pm ABH – Chatsworth
Tuesday 6-7pm ABH – Chatsworth
Wednesday 5-6pm ABH – Chatsworth
Monday 5-6pm ABH – Chatsworth
Friday 5-6pm David Landau Hall – Asherville
Wednesday 5-6pm ABH – Chatsworth
Friday 5-6pm David Landau Hall – Asherville
Wednesday 5-6pm ABH – Chatsworth
Friday 5-6pm David Landau Hall – Asherville
Wednesday 6-8pm ABH – Chatsworth
Thursday 4-5pm ABH – Chatsworth
Friday 4-5pm David Landau Hall – Asherville
Saturday 9-10am David Landau Hall – Asherville


Classes - Private

Monday – Friday 9am – 12pm (private studio in Kharwastan)

School performances

Produced, choreographed and directed the following school productions:

Utsav 1999,  Dance Of The Gods 2002,  Sur Singar 2003,  Krishna Leela 2004,  Dancing Ragas 2005,  Geet Milan 2006,  Jugal Bandhi 2006,  Bhakriras 2007,  Kathamrita 2007,  Mahadevi 2008,  Pancharatna 2009,  Rasarang 2009,  Swarangika 2010,  Ragas And Talas 2011,  Solah Shringar 2011,  Divine Shapes 2012,  Taal Tarang 2012,  Kathakriti 2012,  Bhajanamrit 2013,  Swaralaya 2015. 

View photos of performances and rehearsals

Students who have completed their Rangmanch Pravesh – inaugural performance

  • Shika Mohanlal – 2005 (Kathak)
  • Niveshan Munsamy – 2014 (Kathak)
  • Ishka Nanoo – 2015 (Kathak)


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